The EditLDN

How Skyrise helped The Edit LDN hit the streets

The Edit LDN is an online marketplace selling limited edition clothing and sneakers. From personal sneaker obsession to top global online destination for the latest drops, The Edit LDN has had the ultimate success story so Skyrise were proud to support the brand with their pre-Christmas campaign.

Audience First.

The client wanted to understand where their audience lived to ensure their budget delivered the most effective possible reach. 

Using the Edit’s audience personas alongside mobile traffic to the website and competitor site analysis, bespoke audience segments and insight was provided. With a greater understanding of the content, lifestyle and product signals of the brand’s target audience based on actual behaviours, the Edit LDN was able to tailor different creatives to promote different product offerings to appeal to different audiences.

Media Buying Efficiency.

Analysing the powerful visuals generated, The Edit LDN discovered the highest indexing locations for its audience including Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham. The analysis showed  the most cost-effective sites which included prime spots in Knightsbridge, Bond Street, Birmingham’s Bullring, and Manchester Deansgate. This was delivered at the highest-indexing hours of day, and days of the week which the data identified the audience were active in those locations.

Unified Measurement.

The campaign received over 80,000 plays across more than 1,300 unique screens, that’s 230 hours of creative playtime which resulted in 20% site traffic uplift in the period.

Moses Rashid, Founder and CEO, The Edit LDN

It’s an overwhelming and humbling moment when you walk down the street and see a big sneaker and your brand on a digital screen. It’s an AMAZING feeling, Skyrise knocked this campaign out of the park!”


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