Regital and Skyrise Intelligence complete merger

Regital and Skyrise Intelligence complete merger and will be known as Skyrise.

The merger combines programmatic expertise with innovative audience analytics giving advertisers measurable data insights. It creates a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media, ready for the privacy-first world.

The merger will introduce Skyrise as the lead brand, and will be overseen by the co-founders Alex Petrie, Ian Vint and Michelle Vint. 

By combining Skyrise Intelligence’s market-leading real data sets and unique customer insights together with Regital’s programmatic marketing expertise, UK based advertisers and agencies can create a unifying view of media campaigns. 

Michelle Vint, Co-Founder of Skyrise, said:

“We are delighted to have successfully completed this transaction against what is unquestionably an uncertain economic backdrop. This is not only a transformational moment for both of the previous businesses, it is also a significant development within the UK advertising sector, creating a scaled-up business with an unrivalled view of real people.” 

Paul Barnard, Managing Director of Skyrise, added:

“Today, we have brought together two very successful businesses that are highly complementary to one another. Together they bring an incredible pool of talented professionals with a strong ethos of data driven insight informing successful campaigns. Simplifying the businesses and coming together under one single brand is a key enabler to drive our future growth. The ‘Skyrise’ effect offers advertisers and agencies a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media. Powered by unrivalled data and insight.”

Key strengths of new entity:

  • A combined 40+ employees, providing increased scale and fresh perspectives
  • Unrivalled real world audience insights informed by the UK’s most accurate mobile data sets
  • Programmatic buying expertise, with an impressive roster of clients

Skyrise provides a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media, powered by unrivalled insight and activated through buying programmatic media. It allows brands and agencies to take a wide view and see customers in their full lives and adapt to an ever-changing world. 

Through unique access to vast privacy-first data sets, brands can analyse the location, commuting patterns, demographic variance, weblog behaviours and more trend-setting metrics translated into never-seen-before visuals. This results in rich insights into how people behave both online and offline and gives clarity and precision to media decision-making, leading to advertising success across any channel.

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